General Science -60

Light: Nature, Spectrum, Different colours and wavelengths, UV, IR, and LASER, Reflection of Light, Refraction of Light, Total Internal Reflection of Light, Lenses, Thin converging lens, Dispersion of light, particle nature of light, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, photocells
Sound: Hearing mechanism, Decibel, Frequency, Sound machines in home and around –, Microphone, Loud speaker, Public address system, Characteristics of a sound note, Formation of stationary waves in stretched string, Laws of vibrating strings, Beats, Doppler Effect, Applications and limitations of Doppler Effect, Echoes, Absorption of sound wave, Reverberations, Fundamentals of Building acoustics, Statement of Sabine’s formula
Magnetism: Polarity and relationship with current, Bar magnet, Magnetic lines of force, Torque on a bar magnet in a magnetic field, Earth’s magnetic field as a bar magnet, Tangent galvanometer,
Vibration magnetometer, Para, dia and ferromagnetic substances with examples, Electromagnets and
permanent magnets
Acid, Base and Salt: Acid-base concepts; characteristics of acids and bases; acid-base indicators;
uses of acids and bases in daily life and caution in handling them; social effects of misuse of acids; reason for acidity in stomach and selection of the right food; pH; measurement and importance of pH of substances; salts; characteristics of salts; necessity of salt in daily life; uses of salts in agriculture
and industries
Water: Properties of water; melting and boiling points of water; electrical conductivity; structure of water; hydrogen bonding; sources of water; sources of fresh water in Bangladesh; water quality parameters (colour and taste; turbidity; presence of radioactive substances; presence of waste; dissolved oxygen; temperature; pH and salinity); recycling of water; role of water in conservation of nature; necessity of quality water; purification of water (filtration; chlorination; boiling and distillation); reasons for pollution of water sources in Bangladesh; effects of water pollution on plants, animals and human beings; effects of global warming on fresh water; strategy for preventing water pollution and responsibility of citizens or public awareness; prevention of water pollution by industries; prevention of water pollution due to soil erosion from agricultural land; conservation of water sources and development
Our resources: Soil; types of soil; soil pH; reasons and effects of soil pollution; natural gas and its main compositions; processing, uses and sources of natural gas, petroleum and coal; forestry; limitations and conservation of our resources
Polymer: Natural and synthetic polymer; polymerization process; sources, characteristics and usage of natural and synthetic polymers; manufacturing process, characteristics and uses of fibers, silk, wool, nylon and rayon; physical and chemical properties of rubber and plastic; role of rubber and
plastic for environmental imbalance; aware of using rubber and plastic
Atmosphere: Biosphere and Hydrosphere, Ionosphere, role of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Potable and polluted water, Pasteurization.
Food and Nutrition: Elements of food; carbohydrates; protein; fats and lipid; vitamins; types and
sources of carbohydrates, proteins; nutritional value; menu of balanced diet; the pyramid of balanced diet; body mass index (BMI); fast food or junk food; preservation of food; various processes of storing food; use of chemicals for preservation of foods and its physiological effects
Biotechnology: Chromosome; shape, structure and chemical composition of chromosome; nucleic acid; deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); ribonucleic acid (RNA); protein; gene; DNA test; forensic test; genetic disorder in human beings; Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering; cloning; social effects of
cloning; transgenic plants and animals; Use of biotechnology in agricultural, milk products and pharmaceutics; Gene therapy; Genetically modified organism; Nanotechnology; Pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics
Disease and Healthcare: Deficiency, Infection, Antiseptic, Antibiotics, Stroke, Heart Attack, Blood Pressure, Hypertension and Diabetes, Dengue; Diarrhoea; Drug addiction, Vaccination, Cataract, food poisoning, X-ray; Ultrasonography; CT Scan; MRI; ECG; Endoscopy; Radiotherapy; Chemotherapy; Angiography; uses, risk and side-effects of above techniques; Basic concept of
Cancer, AIDS and Hepatitis